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We can tell a story...

Our communication and language skills were tested this week as we tried to become story tellers in Pebbles. We used our imaginations and creative skills to express ourselves, as we thought about dragons, princesses, castles, Kings, Queens and Happy Ever After!

We have dressed up to act out stories, scribed stories with our adults, built castles to support our speech and ideas, along with painting pictures of characters who could be in a story. These paintings are now up in our Rogues Gallery in the Role Play area, so please take a look, especially at the Pupil Voice. Some of the language and describing words used to think about what our characters are doing is amazing - for example, "My fire breathing dragon is ready to fight the knight!" "my King, he lives in a castle down the road, a red castle".

Later on in the week, we have used the small world characters to tell a story, and have thought so hard about a beginning, middle and end altogether sharing our ideas.

Along with storytelling, we have begun lots of Nativity practice, with singing and signing as we get ourselves ready for Friday 6th December! 

Have a lovely weekend :)

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