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This Thursday is our trip to the Rare Breeds Centre! Some information you need to know:

- The gate will be open from 9:00am where the outside toilet in the play area will be available for children to use if necessary.

- At 9:15am, staff will make their way to the bus and the register will be taken as people arrive and get on the bus. 

- There will be a room available for us all to eat lunch if the weather is not suitable.

- There will be a member of staff at a central point at all times! Parents are free to walk on their own with their children or in groups.

- At aroundabout 2:30, we will be making our way back to the bus to get back to school. 


Please remember to bring hats and sunscreen as the weather is predicted to be very warm!

  • Pebbles Nursery,St Radigund's Road, Dover,
  • Kent, CT17 0LB,
  • 01304 206174