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Time to grow ūüĆ∑

This week in Pebbles, we begun our new topic of Spring by thinking about and exploring flowers.
We investigated different types of flowers and drew observational drawings, before trying to use collage materials and glue to create some more! Our fine motor skills definitely worked hard this week as they manipulated scissors, glue and scrunched tissue paper up into tiny pieces. Our beautiful sunflower which we created together is now on display, and some of us can even tell our grown ups the different parts of a flower. Next week will see our phonic skills in action as we label our flower or listen for the different sounds.


As the week went on, we started to wonder how the seeds we were exploring grew into the living flowers we could see, smell and touch. Mrs Pallett talked us through the lifecycle of a sunflower, then we became seeds ourselves by curling up tiny as if we were planted into the soil. As the sunshine and water fed us, slowly we uncurled and stretched to grow into tall sunflowers which faced towards the sun and blew from side to side in the wind before wilting and dropping our seeds to start all over again!

Of course Shrove Tuesday allowed for some experimenting at snack  with pancakes, which we all agreed were very delicious indeed.


The week ended with the publication of our Ofsted Inspection on 10th February. Please see the news item below with a message from Mrs Knight-Fotheringham, Principal and a link to the report.


Thank you all for you continued support :)

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