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Stomp Chomp Roar....

Here come the Dinosaurs!!! 

Pebbles continued a Dino themed Topic this week by looking at Dinosaur Books. Mrs Pallett read to us "Stomp Chomp Roar" and "Hide-a-saurus". These were amazing at making us think about where the Dinosaurs were and getting us to use our positional language. The Dinosaur Museum provided an opportunity for us to explore the difference between fiction and non fiction - we loved looking at the pictures of fossils and bones, learning words such as "extinct, carnivore, herbivore and omnivore".

We continued practicing our fine motor skills by making handwriting patterns on dinosaurs and shaving foam, whilst Mrs Pallet supported us to independently create our very own collage of a T-Rex using different materials and scissors.

Finally we learnt a little about the Chinese New Year, and which animal we would all be before sampling Prawn Crackers and noodles which we all found very tasty!

Next week we are exploring Mammals and Reptiles :)

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