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Meet our new friends!

This week at Pebbles, we have gained some new classroom friends in the form of baby caterpillars! The children have loved watching them and learning about them and we are all looking forward to watching them grow. Here are some of the things the children had to say about them:

LEVI- "they are so spikey" "this one is moving" "they haven't made a cocoon yet"

CHERRY- "why are they small? Why is there a flower on top?"

KALLIE-RAE- "they are spoken" "what is that on the bottom"

TYLER- "that one is moving upside down and that one is asleep" "they look so sharp"

GRACE C- "they're down the bottom and some are moving around".

LOGAN W- "I can see two at the top and the others are eating".

TYLER- "they are going to go into a cocoon"

LEVI- "they will turn into butterflies soon"

TOMMY- "they are only little, some are spikey and it looks like lines. Where is their head?"

LOGAN W- "it's on their heads!"

TOMMY- "they make cobwebs like spiders"

LEVI- "they have good balance because look that one is climbing up the window"


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