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Making Friends

This week in Pebbles we have all worked so hard to develop our relationships and turn taking skills. We've played games such as 'Pop up Pirate' to practise this and even passed around a fruit salad, sharing our fruit as we went.

In our group times we have thought about our kind hands, so we understand how we can be nice to each other. Some of the older children discussed with their grown ups their likes and dislikes or what makes them happy or sad, and our grown ups were very impressed with some of our fantastic listening and vocabulary used.

During our hall time we listened to instructions to make the parachute go faster or slower before working as a team to make sure our fluffy friends - the pink bunny and giraffe could bounce and not fall off. We had so much fun!

Emotion biscuits were made on Thursday, and not only could we think about how our biscuit was feeling, it tasted rather yummy too :)

Next week, our focus is on communication and language - we shall be exploring what makes us all unique and different in the world, along with celebrating Art Week in line with White Cliffs Primary college.

We shall also be exploring some of our new natural resources such as bark and pebbles, along with new story books and dolls Mrs Pallett has bought with some funds from the White Cliffs Christmas Fayre - so a very big "Thankyou" to all those who attended the event and made this possible.


 Have a fantastic weekend :)

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