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Iced Dinosaurs and Numbers!

It’s been a sensory based exploration of dinosaurs this week as we used our senses to unlock our curiosity, thinking and language around textures and why thinks work!

Our dinosaur swamp was amazing for getting messy and using adjectives to describe what we could see and feel, dinosaurs were under, over, inside and we enjoyed using language to show our understanding. When the ‘lava’ erupted on the Dino swamp, Naomi helped answer our questions by showing us how we can use our smart board safely to retrieve information. We loved watching volcanoes erupt and tried our hardest to remember what the word ‘extinct’ means.

The Ice Age also made an appearance this week, freezing our dinosaurs and after much investigation, discussion and banging, we discovered that if we used warm water the dinosaurs could be released successfully because the ice melted back into a liquid state. One Pebble was incredible when he told Lisa, “I think the ice has defrosted”. 
Finally, Pebbles have enjoyed lots of physical activities using the playground as much as we can and the bikes and scooters despite the weather! We hope you have a wonderful weekend and will see you Monday :)

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