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Fine motor dinosaur

This week in Pebbles has been all about physical activities and Dinosaurs! We have stomped like a T-Rex and moved our arms like a pterodactyl flying in the air. 

Naomi has helped us to use the large foam dinosaur feet outside to make large prints, this was tricky because we needed to really concentrate and be able to hold the feet whilst moving our bodies at the same time. 

Our Dino swamp, tested our funky fingers by using the tweezers to pull small dinosaurs out. As we got better at this activity, the grown up extended the activity further by adding sorting cups and numbers for us to match or count.

Mrs Pallett supported us to make our very own dinosaur eggs using paper mache and paint, giving us lots of time for language and critical thinking as we explored what may or may not be inside!

We are looking forward to skeletons and fossils next week 😀


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