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Eggs and Fossils

Following on from the eggs they made last week, Pebbles spent this week exploring the awe and wonder of a dinosaur nest! We thought about what a nest may look like, feel like and we searched information books and the internet to try and retrieve our informaton before constructing our own nest with our natural materials. Once the eggs were inside the nest, we all waited for them to crack open and observe the baby dinosaurs inside. 

Our numbered dinosaur eggs provided time for teamwork and mathematical thinking all together as they went missing. We worked together using positional language to hunt around for them before working together to order them correctly. 

Inside the classroom, pictures of dinosaur fossils and skeletons enabled us to create our own using salt dough, or sand and cotton buds. We concentrated very hard, making sure we had copied some features of what we could see. 

Mrs Pallet continued with our phonics this week, with listening games and identification of phase 1 sounds (S a t p i n). Some of us are developing our listening skills so well we can hear some initial sounds in words.  We have also been reinforcing name recognition and helping our friends to identify their names aswell as our own.

Next week is internet safety week. You should have all received the link via Seesaw for information on books and resources we will be using to support your Pebble learn about staying safe online. Have a lovely weekend 😃


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