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This week in Pebbles we went dinosaur crazy! We have looked at so many Dinosaur books:

Harry and his bucket full of Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Roar, Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaur Rumpus and Dinosaurs in my School to name a few! We are getting much better at talking about the pictures or characters and predicting the next events in these stories. 'Dinosaurs in my School' tied in perfectly with some of us going up into Reception class this week for Storytime sessions as we prepare ourselves for moving on! Hopefully we won't find any real dinosaurs there!

Some of the younger Pebbles worked really hard with their Maths, sorting the coloured Dinosaurs, whilst the rest of us could use mathematical words such as 'small, medium and large'. Our dinosaurs have stomped into playdough and we have searched for fossils in flour.

Our amazing observational paintings we made with Char are now on display, which we hope you agree are truly roarsome! 

Have a great weekend.



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