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 Welcome to Pebbles! This is our wonderful nursery where there are lots of different areas. Each day, we can choose what area we would like to go to, where we can take part in lots of different activities or play with our favourite toys! 


This is a page where you can have a look around our nursery and see some of our beautiful work! You will be able to see:

- The dressing up area: this is where we can dress up in lots of fun costumes and pretend to be nurses, policeman, princesses or whatever we wish to be!


- The role play area: this area changes every term into something that we are learning about! We can go in here to cook, be shop keepers or even scientists!


- The maths area: this is where we do very clever counting, make patterns or play with puzzles.


- The writing area: this is where we can learn to write our names ready to go to school, use coloured pens to draw pictures or even do some colouring in. 


- The carpet area: this is where we sit and listen when Mrs Pallett is teaching us something new!


- The construction area: this is where we can build models and tall towers!


- The messy play area: this is where we can have fun getting really messy with paints, glue and glitter!


- The outside area: this is where we go to use the big building blocks, playhouse, watt and sand! 


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