Preparing for the Next Step

Is your little Pebble ready for their next stage? 

Being prepared for the next stage in education is something as a Parent / Carer you will begin to become more aware of as your child progresses through Pebbles.

You will have many questions, and you will want to play and enjoy this magical experience too - which adult doesn't love singing to phonics, playing ball and then looking on with pride as your child gains their own independent skills such as washing, dressing and feeding themselves?!

Here in Pebbles we take great pride in being a Teacher led Nursery with skillful staff who care profoundly about our children being ready for the next steps in their future learning. We help to facilitate your child's play, learning and development through observation, assessment and planning. We extend this to a greater depth wherever possible. We also understand every child is unique, developing at different paces, and are here to support you every step of the way.

The following documents are a useful guide in helping you understand what is meant by being ready for this next phase of development, and how you as Parents / Carers can join this wonderful journey with your child.

Please speak to a member of the Pebbles Team should you require any further guidance, or these documents in paper copy.

Phonics - Have fun with singing along with your little Pebble to this catchy tune which practices letters and sounds:

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