Curriculum Intent

The children in Pebbles Nursery experience the awe and wonder of the world in which they live, through an enriched curriculum implemented through the seven areas of learning.

Pebbles Nursery ensures that the experiences of children over time are consistent and build upon the starting points and interests of all children. Pebbles provides an exciting and stimulating learning experience, giving the children a deep insight into themselves, their locality, the wider world and their place within it.

Like expert gardeners, we strive to grow and nurture every child to enable them to blossom and bloom as happy, contented, resilient and inquisitive learners whose roots are grounded in the knowledge and skills which will equip them for life beyond the nursery.

The needs and interests of the children are at the forefront of our minds when designing a curriculum which meets and stimulates each child’s unique interests, so every child has an equal opportunity to succeed and be ultimately ready for the next stage in their education and development.


Pebbles is a Teacher led Nursery, managed by highly skilled, qualified and professional individuals who strive to provide the best possible outcomes for all children in the setting.

With over 20 years experience leading Early Years classrooms and settings, Pebbles Class Teacher ensures the needs and interests of every individual child is catered for and experiences enrich their thirst for knowledge beyond the classroom and its resources.

Both the Nursery Manager and Deputy hold Level 4 Qualifications in Early Years and have natural interests in all areas of SEND and the Safeguarding of Children. Our Nursery Practitioner takes pride in being our current Mental Health Champion for both children and adults.  Staff review and refresh their practice consistently to address the needs of children in line with the Early Years Curriculum and expectations within the setting.

During our professional weekly planning meetings, the development and welfare of Pebbles children is paramount. We discuss and plan in a way which enables children to feel safe, secure and happy. Their learning moves forward through a stimulating and challenging environment overseen by Pebbles class Teacher.